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What is Regenerative Medicine?


Regenerative Medicine is an exciting new specialty that focuses on replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues, or organs, with the purpose of restoring normal function. We are excited to offer stem cell therapies to treat conditions including degenerative and traumatic injuries to bones, ligaments, joints, and the spine.

Although embryonic stem cells offer great promise in the future, they are currently not available and we do not offer such care. In selected cases of osteoarthritic or wound care pathology, we believe the use of autologous adult mesenchymal cells harvested from one’s own bone marrow or fat and not altered may potentially influence and enhance healing.  At this time stem cell treatment is experimental and further research remains to be seen, although we consider this an option for selected patients in addition to our full comprehensive armamentarium of nonsurgical treatment options.

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) joint injections

(autologous – from your own body, or allograft – from a donor)

These stem cells have the ability to reverse pathologic inflammation, regenerate cartilage, and thereby to improve pain and increase function. Joint injections include but aren’t limited to: Shoulder, Hip, Knee joints.

Intradiscal MSC injections

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) implantation into vertebral discs has been shown in research studies to arrest disc degeneration. What does this mean for you? Although on the cutting edge of medical research, this could potentially stop or even reverse your disc degeneration. The hope is that this would translate into improvement in pain as well as function.

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